Résumé templates for actors

Starting out in any business is always confusing.  Sometimes it’s the new “lingo” or a new writing style, how to format a Press Release or even how to prepare an advertisement.

For new actors, one of your first interactions with a Casting Director will be your résumé. This document is going to convey the training and experience you have toiled over to prepare yourself as a professional actor.

While you may have a résumé for other jobs you took to pay the bills, in the world of acting it’s very competitive and Casting Directors don’t want to search for the information in your résumé.  You don’t want your first experience with any project to start off as if you don’t know what to do.

Attached to this article is a .ZIP file containing a template for a Three Column Actor’s Résumé.  The file contains templates for Pages on the Macintosh and Microsoft Word.  You can adapt the template to suit your needs but remember this.  You want to try to keep the content in the same positions and order on the page.  Don’t select fonts that are overly decorative and hard to read.  You want your message to be clear and easy to read.

The template is designed so that after you print the résumé you can trim it to fit the back of your standard 8″ x 10″ “head shot” photograph.  If the production company is requesting an electronic version of your résumé, then don’t send them the word processing (Microsoft Word, Pages or whatever format) file.  Send them a PDF (Portable Document Format).  PDF’s can be opened on almost any computer and ensure that all of the formatting of your résumé remains intact.  If you want to really look like you know what you are doing, you can include your “head shot” right inside the PDF document.  Most word processing software has the ability to create the PDF document.  If yours does not, you can often find free software on the Internet to convert your document into a PDF.

It’s an electronic world now, you need to learn basic computer skills.  You never know, you might have to play an Information Tech on TV!  Or at the very least, find your tech’y friend and ask them to help you out.  Then buy them dinner.

Click the following link to download the résumé templates.

3-column Actor’s Resume Templates

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